UNSETTLED BOUNDARIES: Schedule of events

Marquette University
Department of Philosophy
October 12-14, 2011
Schedule of Events
Wednesday, October 12: OPENING RECEPTION from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the Haggerty Museum
       Welcome: Curtis L. Carter, Conference Chair 
·      Greetings from Marquette University: Provost John Pauly
·      Greetings from Marquette University Department of Philosophy: Chair: James South
·      Greetings from the City and the Milwaukee Arts Community: Martha            Brown, Deputy Director Milwaukee Department of Ciity Development
·      Keynote speaker: Gao Jianping (China Academy of Social Sciences), “A Study of European and Chinese Painting”
Thursday, October 13
Greetings from The Klinger College of Arts and Sciences: Dean Philip Rossi S. J.
Chair: Sebastian Luft (Marquette University Department of Philosophy)
8:30-9:30: Jason Wirth (Seattle University), “The Unsettled Boundaries of Philosophy”
9:30-10:30: Cheng Xiangzhan (Shandong University), “The Archetype of Chinese Aesthetic Activity and a Construction of Everyday Aesthetics”
10:30-10:45: BREAK
Chair: MU Graduate Student (Marquette University Department of Philosophy)
10:45-11:45:   Garry Hagberg (Bard College), “Jazz Improvisation and Japanese Parchment: The Art of Unmediated Gesture in Two Cultures”
11: 45-12:45:  TBA 
12:45 to 1:45: LUNCH BREAK
·      Speakers invited to lunch in the Lunde Room 
Chair: Melissa Shew (Marquette University Department of Philosophy)
1:45-2:45:  John Lysaker (Emory University), “Renewing the Ancient Quarrel, or, Engaging Art’s Emphatic Claims”
2:45-3:45:  Liu Yeudi (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences), “Aesthetic Ethics and Ethical Aesthetics: Wittgenstein, Dewey and Confucianism”
3:45-4:00:  BREAK 
Chair: Barrett McCormick (Marquette University Department of Political Science)
4:00-5:00:  Mary Wiseman (CUNY), “What’s the Difference? Art in China: A Case Study”
5:00-6:00: Wang Chunchen (Central Academy of Fine Arts), “The Political Connexion: Rightness and Ethical Paradox in Contemporary Art” 
MILWAUKEE ART MUSEUM Exhibition OPENING RECEPTION: “Impressionism: Master Works on Paper” 6 to 8 pm. Dinner on your own. 
Friday, October 14
Chair: John Su (Marquette University Department of English)
8:30-9:30:   Eva Man (Hong Kong Baptist University), “Metaphysics, Corporeality and Visuality: A Developmental and Comparative Review of the Discourses on Chinese Ink Painting”
9:30-10:30  Stephen Davies (University of Auckland), “Bali and the Management of Culture”
 10:30-10:45:  BREAK
Chair: Daniel Meissner (Marquette University Department of History)
10:45-11:45: Liu Chengji (Beijing Normal University), “The Body and Its Image in Classical Chinese Aesthetics”
11:45-12:45  Richard Shusterman (Florida Atlantic University), “Somaesthetics as an Ethical Imperative”
12:45-1:45:  LUNCH BREAK
Chair: Andrea Schneider (Marquette University Law School)
1:45-2:45:  Ivan Gaskell (Harvard University), “Spilt Ink: Staging Chineseness in Contemporary Chinese Art”
2:45-3:45:  Peng Feng (Peking University), “Universality, Identity, and the Pursuit of Cultural Appreciation”
 3:45-4:00 BREAK
Chair: Margaret Walker (Schuenke Chair, Marquette University Department of Philosophy)
4:00:  Noel Carroll   (Graduate Center, CUNY), “Anglophone Philosophy of Art meets Marxist-Leninist Philosophy of Art”
 6:30 p.m.: Closing Banquet at the University Club
 Closing Remarks: Gao Jianping, (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)
  •  James South (Chair, Marquette University Department of Philosophy)
  •  Curtis L. Carter (Marquette University Department of Philosophy)

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